Awesome Features of iOS 11 You Should Know about

Features We all are waiting for it, in the end of this year Apple promised to release brand-new, astonishingly amazing, genuine perfection IOS 11. Wait a second…they didn’t promise us the same with IOS 10, did they?


Jokes apart, of course, Apple prepared something new and very promising. Let’s take a glimpse of the changes that are waiting for all iOS users, actually, not for all. The update is compatible only with 64-bit devices, it means you can upgrade IPhone 5s and higher.

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Let’s look into the improvements waiting for us.

  1. Files, files, files…finally they all will be available in one place within the click. No, it’s not a dream; the iOS developers heard the user’s prayers. The new system allows locating files from iOS devices, in iCloud Drive and across other services like Box and Dropbox in your gadget.
  2. Meet the new Dock. Apple changed the whole concept of accessibility. From now and forever after: swipe, open and switch apps instantly. Make your favourite application reachable within one move.
  3. Multitasking is everything. Redesigned and incredibly useful App Switcher. Slide Over & Split View the things you will never forget to thank. Work with the gadget is promising to be faster and much easier.
  4. Drag and drop, drop and drag. No, it’s not a joke. Use your iPad just like a computer. Pick favourite picture or text and just move it the entire screen around.
  5. Scanned it. You don’t need a costly scanner anymore, the iPad will do all the work: scan, crop, clean. Now you can add digital signature, if it’s required.
  6. Oh wow, matrix is here – unparalleled AR experiences. Now objects from computer universe can be easily blended with the real surrounding. This is the main breakthrough for all of us. New generation of Applications – instant virtuality.
  7. Live Photos. It’s not about the nature or view it’s all about technology. The photos will be brighter, sharper and they will capable to move, yes GIF in one click.
  8. New Siri, smarter than ever before. Through advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence, your personal assistant will be capable to do almost everything, not cook the breakfast but still.
  9. Absolutely personalised Control Centre. You choose what and how to see in your menu. Sounds a little bit like Android, but actually it’s not.

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 Seems that Apple decided to give up idea of dotted/partial improvement. They designed the whole new, system with great potential for app developers and users. More customized applications, unparalleled AR experiences and improved usability.