How Much Does it Cost to Development App like Turo

To create an application, you need a technical team for Car Rental Mobile App Development. You can engage such companies to create, maintain, and periodically update your mobile application.

Developing a Car Rental Apps like Turo will benefit your business in such a way that you would never have seen it before. Turo works as a private car rental company and such a business model, the owner of the car hands over the car to the user, who uses it for a given period and returns it to the owner. The application comes with several features to make it easier to use and more attractive.


The beauty of application creation lies in the fact that these applications are very similar to existing online taxi service applications such as Uber and OLA, so that a Turo like Car Rental App Development Companies in Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Noida, Delhi and Gurugram, India, USA and Dubai can be easily transform and modify, as per your needs and specifications.

These Turo-Clone apps have the basic structure of an ideal taxi service application. With appropriate adjustments, you can create your own on-demand car rental application today.

The Cost of Creating Car Rental Apps like Turo based on the services or features you need to integrate with the mobile application. In addition, it depends on where the application is being developed and after examining the different parameters, we arrived at the result, that the application would cost about $ 25,000.

However, if you want to create an app for both platforms – iOS and Android, as well as high-end features and technologies, including all panels, then the Cost to Make App like Turo cost you around $ 30,000 to $ 40,000.

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Find Out How Car Rental Apps Like Turo Work and Its Competitors

It is very similar to taxi services and yet easier. When users only need one vehicle for short or long journeys, without a driver, they opt for a car hire model. Most of these car rental services are for traveling with friends and family, which means that holiday seasons are the busiest time of the year for this industry.

We will discuss different aspects of the car rental field and clearly explain How To Create Car Rental Apps like Turo , Avis or Hertz.

Top 5 – 10 car rental apps

  • Turo
  • Hertz
  • Notice
  • Zipcar
  • Car rental
  • Car2Go
  • Skyscanner
  • RelayRides
  • Silvercar

How to build or how much would it Cost of Making Car Rental Apps like Turo, Avis or Hertz? this question often arises when it comes to Building a Car Rental Apps like Turo. In addition, creating a car rental application or a stand-alone application has never been an easy task. Even the founders of these applications had been facing fierce competition but still they dominate the market by offering a number of benefits and comfort.

You have just offered an online portal to these tenants and tenants so that they can communicate and for this, you receive a commission on each transaction. You and the vehicle owners decide on the percentage of commission on rentals.

If you have an idea of ​​your own car rental application, but do not know where to start, look no further, we will help you make it happen. Developing a Car Rental Apps has tremendous potential to grow and prosper as an independent business.

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Basic Features Stirring the Cost to make app like Turo

To give shape to your ideas and to help you had better understand things; let us find the necessary features without which your car rental applications like Turo will not survive. So let us go:

Vehicle user
  • Registration / Login to manage user accounts
  • Tenant’s profile
  • Search option with advanced filters
  • Place of collection and removal of the vehicle
  • Never updated car list
  • Details about Car Model, Looks, Comfort
  • Several payment gateways for the user
  • Review of vehicle conditions by users
Vehicle owner
  • Registration / Login to manage the vehicle owner’s account
  • Tenant Profile
  • State of completion of the trip
  • Trip Cancellation Status
  • Travel price
  • Payment received
  • Push notification (for both parties)
  • GPS integration in the car
Admin panel
  • Admin Dashboard to View and Operate Activities
  • Payment Management
  • Reporting and analysis of all offers
  • Fee and commission management
  • Interactive statistics to stay up to date
  • Full control of user and owner profiles

Leading Features affecting the Cost to Create Turo like App

There are many advanced features that you can add based on your car rental apps requirements and some of these features go like this

  • Find and unlock available cars directly with wireless technology
  • AAA Roadside Assistance Service
  • Give card points to gas stations and motels nearby

Now that we know all the essential features of a car rental application and the technology stack that supports the operation of such an application, now is the time to consider the most significant part – the Cost of Building a Car Rental Apps like Turo.