How To Own A Mobile App And Make Money With It

In the past, people thought mobile apps money were only for business organizations. However, the benefits of mobile apps are becoming clearer and more people are contacting every app development company with their ideas and concepts.
Notwithstanding, some people still do not know or believe that they can turn their preconceived ideas into mobile apps. Meanwhile, if you do not have any idea that can be turned into an app that is not yet available, do not worry, you can still earn or make money from a mobile app if you monetize it.
How can you monetize a mobile app?
You can monetize your mobile app through any or all of the following ways:
1. Advertising
Advertising is one of the most popular ways of monetizing a mobile app. If you have an app, you can make money from it by helping other people to advertise their mobile app though it. Also, you can charge clients based on the ad sizes they want.
2. Merchandise sales
If you intend to sell merchandise, you can engage the services of a top mobile app development company to help you with an e-commerce site. However, you can equally build an app for the purpose. Besides, you can include bitcoin as one of your payment options. The good news is that every top mobile app development company also offers bitcoin development, so incorporating it into your app will be a walk in the park for them.
3. In-app purchases
You can offer what will be of interest to people through your app then encourage them to make in-app purchases for some special features and contents. A mobile game is a good example. A lot of mobile games require in-app purchases. Notwithstanding you can think outside the box and come up with something beneficial to a lot of people and are rarely found in mobile apps. When you come up with something like this, making money from in-app purchases will be achievable.
4. Subscriptions
This is similar to in-app purchases. However, while the in-app purchases option is a one-time thing, subscriptions require regular payment. And just as you need to think creatively for something that people want or something marketable to earn from in-app purchases, so also should you exercise innovative thought for this. More so, some subscriptions are also a one-time thing but do not confuse subscriptions with in-app purchases. They are two different things but serve a common purpose; creation of money to app owners. Nonetheless, your mobile app development company will shed more light on this.
5. Affiliate marketing
You may have come across numerous affiliate marketing sites. Affiliate marketers earn money through referrals. And as more people are venturing into affiliate marketing, the demand for affiliate marketing apps is increasing. If you want to make money through app development, this is another recommendable option. According to a financial expert, your network is your net worth; thus, why it is necessary to build a large network through affiliate marketing and an app is a great way to make this effective.
So, these are some of the ways you may consider if you plan to build an app and make money with it. Now, if you have decided to build an app, you must know that there are certain features that your app must have if the above methods should be achievable.
Some of the features of a good app are addressed below.
1. Simplicity
Mobile phone users want simple or easy-to-use apps from app builders. Simplicity creates an exciting user experience. Moreover, you need to consider your users’ phone memory; so that you don’t build an app with a large size and which will consume a lot of data to download. The bottom line is that the app builders should provide the best personalization when building the app.
2. Support
You should ensure that your mobile app has various ways by which you can provide support to your users. You may also want to consider a live chat or a chatbot channel to provide prompt responses to your users. Meanwhile, some other app developers include FAQs.
3. Payment system
Since the aim of the mobile app development is to make money then it is only normal that you integrate flexible payment features into the app. While mobile apps support credit card payment options, yours may also support cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and the likes. Although, a lot of them support e-wallets too; such as PayPal, so you should consider that too.
4. Push notification feature
You need to ensure that your app builder incorporates this feature in your app too so that your users can be notified of new updates from you. New updates will keep bringing them back to your app; thereby, keeping them engaged.
5. Social media features
Social media platforms are one feature you must not forget to include in your mobile app. Statistics have shown that there are over 2 billion active social media users worldwide. More so, the power of social media can never be underestimated. And as of today, social media marketing techniques are extremely effective, especially when they are carried out by a top mobile app development company.