Mobile Online Shopping is Where the Future Lies

Online Shopping “Research firm eMarketer says that by 2018, mobile sales will account for 27% of all online sales in the US and nearly half of all web sales worldwide. If you’re not actively creating high-quality mobile shopping experiences, you’re going to get left behind

Why Mobifying would be the next big thing the world of shopping waits with baited breath!

Online Shopping

We’ve been through a paradigm shift of many sorts. In the beginning, there were brick and mortar stores, selling almost everything and anything from the world over. Customers would take a day out and shop for their needs.

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The 90s saw the advent of marketing and sales via television- the good old series selling television viewers everything from weight loss products to fitness machines, clothes to shoes, home accents to cutlery and kitchenware, spiritual and religious items to technology and more, the list goes on.

And while all that was happening, the advent of the internet and its large expanse took over- shopping at the click of a mouse button whilst sitting in your PJs and flip-flops became the norm. The buck didn’t stop rolling there though, and thanks to the new age smart gadget we now own, mobile shopping has become the latest trend.

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5 reasons to shop via your mobile

1. It’s Faster, Easier And So Portable

Imagine rushing for work and you have an important client meet to attend this evening. It’s Friday and you’re dressed in smart casuals, but the client you would be meeting is a snob. Smart casuals wouldn’t impress him for sure and your office doesn’t allow personal internet access- what do you do? Look at your mobile for an answer- while you travel to work, log into your favourite shopping site, browse, pick and choose the look you want, and get it delivered as well- to your workplace. Mobile shopping is a life saver!

2. Companies Have Realised The Power Of A Mobile

If they don’t have you through your mobile, their rivals will. Companies have come of age and have realised the importance of mobile shopping. With faster loading sites and full graphics to display, easy to use navigation and scrolling options galore, mobile shopping isn’t a chore and doesn’t take more than a few minutes for customers to grab what they want.

Online Shopping1

3. Living On The Go

Who has the time to open their laptop and connect to the dongle to be online, and sometimes, signals for the dongle are so weak that it would take you ages for a shopping site to load. Pfft! While the world lives in the culture of being ‘on the go’- mobile shopping makes it easier for customers to shop.

4. Cheaper Prices, Discounts And Offers

A little similar to the internet shopping saga, mobile shopping comes with a basket of goodies and treats. You get to use your sim number to be privileged members, which means, when offers, promos and discounts are rolled out, you would be the first one to know via an SMS!

5. Know Of The Latest Brands And Market Trends

Brands are reinventing and evolving by the day, and in a bid to have you as their customer, they leave nothing to chance. Knowing fully well, half of what they send out via emails is shown the SPAM route or the BIN, companies now politely send privilege customers SMSs on their new products, services and offerings- early bird offers to help save more as well!

Online Shopping2

Hello mobile shopping, we’ve been waiting for you. And taking a cue from the saga floating around, companies have optimised their websites to become mobile friendly. This makes it even easier for anyone to browse, choose, pick and buy what they want; all you need is a good data plan on your gadget!