The Best Game Apps for Die-Hard Gamers in 2020

Apps From old school games like Space Impact and retro Snake of ‘90s, to present day games like PUBG and Clash of Clans, the gaming industry has changed drastically. Not only have the gaming graphics become more sophisticated and levels even harder, the revenue from these game apps has also been through the roof.


But how many of these thousands gaming apps are really worth your time and money? Lucky for you, as an app review website, we hunt through hundreds of apps including game apps on a daily basis and this time we’re talking- the best gaming experience.
For your ease, we’ve screened and sorted the gaming apps into ten categories. Let’s get gaming.

Action & Adventure Games

For gamers feeling adventurous, we’ve compiled a list of the most thrilling adventure packed action games for Android and iOS users:

1. Oceanhorn

Oceanhorn is one of the best action-adventure games that comes with puzzles, secrets, and unexpected dangers. The mobile adventure game combines breathtaking 3D visuals, fascinating storytelling, incredible soundtrack, smooth and exciting gameplay, all wrapped into one unforgettable journey experience.

The adventure quest on this game app requires you to fight monsters, explore dungeons, discover ancient treasures and learn to use magic. So you’ll need the best of both Harry Potter and Indiana Jones to unfold the mysteries of the ancient kingdom of Arcadia and defeat the sea monster.

Features overview:

  • Customizable graphics settings, as per your phone specs;
  • More than 10 hours of story-driven gameplay;
  • Easy, accurate and smooth touch controls;

2. Into The Dead 2

How far can you go in a world where no one is safe, to make it out alive? A sequel of the famous hit zombie action-adventure Into the Dead will test your skills to the fullest. The player has to arm himself with powerful weapons and rush through the zombie apocalypse.

The game requires you to run for as long as you can and try not to die in this survival of the fittest saga. While playing the game, the mobile game provides you with a bunch of other challenges, missions, and a dog companion.

It is a thrilling action-packed game with captivating graphics that can also be played offline. It’s free to download but demands in-app purchases.

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Features overview:

  • It involves a story with 60 stages, 7 chapters, and hundreds of challenges;
  • Unlock and upgrade powerful weapons and ammo packs;
  • Discover multiple, immersive locations, from oil fields to military bases;

3. Critical Ops

Go solo or battle it out along with your buddies in Critical Ops. A 3D FPS (first-person shooter) game, filled with competitive combat and actions, through challenging modes and maps, where your tactical skills and fast reflexes are essential for success.

In the sea of games, where in-app purchases is the most common fish, Critical Ops app guarantee a fair play without bombardment of advertisements. Also, it  gives it a competitive advantage among similar games.

To stay competitive, you need to evolve as player and for that you need to learn new mechanics; master a variety of skills and weapons by competing against others in an intense PvP game.

Features overview:

  • Create or join a clan of friends for exciting combats;
  • Defuse: One team trying to plant and others trying to defuse the bomb;
  • Team Deathmatch: Two opposing teams, in a timed deathmatch;

Survival Games

The following survival games are the best way to find if you’re strong enough to fight survival of the fittest:

1. PUBG Mobile

PUBG is an online multiplayer survival game that has shaken the gaming world. The survival game being an instant hit has led the charts in all the app stores, and breaking the records in the mobile gaming industry, to become the best RPG game.

Although most of PUBG’s elements are borrowed from its PC origins. However, there are few exceptions that make the PUBG Mobile little different from its PC counterpart. All the guns, ammo, gadgets, vehicles and other supplies are available as you find in the PC.

Logging-in is advisable, as it gives you daily credits and extra game points to buy game crates, containing the clothing and other cool gaming gear.

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Features overview:

  • Locate & scavenge weapons, supplies;
  • Excellent visual experience with realistic gameplay;
  • Constantly growing lethal arsenal of firearms;

2. Rules Of Survival

Rules Of Survival is a completely unique and exhilarating battle royale experience. Even the deathmatches have been raised to an epic thrilling scale, with brand new Rules of Survival arena, with over 230 million people worldwide.

This new game excites the user a fully upgraded 8×8 km map that allows up to 300 players to battle each other for their lives on a variety of terrains, making it one of the best RPG games.

So, arm yourself, start collecting weapons, and wield your tactics because with a shrinking play zone only one is going to survive in this deathmatch.

Features overview:

  • ‘Epic Clash’ mode, with Zombie Status, Infrared Scan, and many more;
  • Flexible construction mode, and realistic light effects;
  • Wide variety of firearms, accessories, and vehicles across different terrains;