Top 10 Platforms to Pick for IoT App Development

Development ‘Internet of Things’, a technology that is enabling smart devices as well as sensors to connect in an efficient, secured and convenient manner. The rise of IoT has led to massive transformations in various industries. From security systems to our mobile apps, the rise of IoT is telling in just about everything.


Take an example of app development for instance. Today, the cost of developing a mobile application has become limited due to the rise of IoT, and this has led to more scope for innovation. IoT app development companies can now enhance their app functionality or integrate their apps with features never seen before.

With the help of this IoT application platform, the majority of IoT mobile app development companies will be able to develop new data-driven services, predictive analytics, and cloud data processing. Additionally, it acts as an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that gives the users a useful toolkit for the purpose of IoT application development. These toolkits help to provide end to end solutions while assisting in developing, deploying and managing IoT applications.

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List of Top 10 IoT Mobile Application Development Platforms

Here’s our take on the best platforms for the Internet of Things app development:

1. Amazon Web Services

AWS is one of the most well-managed IoT cloud platforms, particularly designed to manage the Internet of Things applications. This framework allows an unlimited number of devices and sensors to connect in a hassle-free manner. It also supports numerous Embedded C, JavaScript, etc.

2. Microsoft Azure IoT

Microsoft provides Azure IoT Suite and Azure IoT Hub for developers. With the help of this platform, developers can create applications, analyze real-time data and manage devices at the same time. Azure is a well-renowned name when it comes to cloud computing and IoT app development companies. This platform provides the flexibility to work with multiple operating systems and platforms.

3. Cisco Internet of Things Platform

Developed by Cisco, this Internet of Things development platform enables the developers to experience simple and secure solutions for IoT alongside various other functionalities. The list includes network connectivity, data analytics, application enablement, management as well as automation.

Cisco promises to give its customers a secure platform to connect millions of devices all around the world, irrespective of their geographical locations. This platform supports power management, smart city, industrial automation, transportation system and so on.

4. Google Cloud IoT

Google Cloud IoT platform is a well managed and integrated Internet of Things solutions provider. The platform helps in all-round Internet of Things application development as well as management of IoT devices connected throughout the world. It comes with an elegant tool called a sophisticated analytics tool that enables the organizations to get an insight in a real-time manner.

Apart from such well-worked functionalities, Google Cloud IoT also provides end-to-end security, integrated services with cloud, business process optimization, advanced data analytics, and a fully managed infrastructure.

5. HP Enterprise Universal IoT Platform

A universal IoT platform where customers are able to connect to a transparent and firm system, HP Enterprise is known for its scalability, modularity, and versatility. It enables the customers to monetize from the massive data collected from a huge number of devices as well as smart sensors, covering a wide area of application.

Some of the most beneficial features of this IoT app builder are its secure monetization, accurate analysis of data, simultaneous management, built-in application designer, market and cross-vertical operations.

6. IBM- Watson IoT Platform

Another of those IoT mobile applications builders, the Watson IoT platform has been developed by IBM and proved to be one of the game-changers in the IoT platform development processes. IBM Watson provides its customers with an optimal solution for all required purposes such as application development, management of devices, real-time data analytics, and cloud database.

A well-renowned name in the industry, IBM is an IoT development company that has invested considerable sums in the IoT ecosystem to date. In this scenario, Watson offers cost-efficient solutions for supply chain management as well as the processing of payments.

IBM has already developed a strong solution for cognitive analysis in the Internet of Things. This framework manages all the solutions of IoT and makes decisions on the basis of business as well as real-time analytical data connected from the processes.

7. Predix IoT Platform

Predix is a newcomer in the world of the Internet of Things solutions. This platform has been specially designed by Apple and GE focusing on industrial IoT. Predix provides its customers with powerful tools for software development and allows business partners as well as other customers to organize or develop their IoT devices and solutions.

One of the major advantages of the Predix IoT Platform is its predictive maintenance in industrial operation. This platform can analyze data, intelligently predicts as well as inform the control center to take necessary steps in order to prevent any kind of critical events.

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8. ThingWorx IoT Platform

One of the most powerful IoT mobile app development platforms, ThingWorx offers solutions with risk management, shorter development time, and reduced mobile app development cost. This IoT development platform has a flexible solution for the purpose of deployment with complete applications design, run-time as well as the intelligent environment.

It is well known for its faster development process, deployment for multiple IoT solutions, and integration. The platform provides flexibility and scalability for future development and up-gradation of the technological world.

9. Samsung ARTIK

The world welcomed the recent launch of Samsung’s IoT platform with a bang. One of the best IoT application development platforms developed by Samsung, ARTIK comes with a huge range of modules that can be applied to connect with several IoT integrated products. The list of these products may vary from simple sensors to complex and large hubs.

Some of the top features of this best IoT development platform are its miniaturized solutions for multiple applications, scalability, and accountability. It comes with a reputation and trust of Samsung and is now holding a prominent place in the landscape of IoT applications.

10. Qualcomm’s IoT development kit

Last but not least, Qualcomm’s IoT development kit is a combination of hardware and software. This internet of things platform has amazing environmental monitoring and home automation. Qualcomm claims its platform to be the next generation as it is powered with a variety of futuristic functionalities.


An IoT platform is able to connect various devices with smart sensors, internet of things solutions and IoT gateways to the cloud. It has its uses in various areas and thus there is a prerequisite of this process that the platform must be capable of handling huge amounts of data. This data may come from devices, sensors, websites, and applications.