What are The Latest Ios App Development Trends For Developers

Importance of mobile application is gaining as their use and applications have been found in our everyday life. Apple is witnessing many dynamic changes as it is evolving itself for the changing market demands, embracing a more open source outlook and incorporating many cutting-edge technologies. Apple is applying new technologies in iPhone and iPad.


For e.g. iBeacon is a device which is using IoT for making more better apps. There are many retailers using the iBeacon devices and growing their business. Apple is continuously trying to provide its users something new while keeping it simple and secure.

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Now we will look into some of the iOS app development trends which will be prevalent in 2017 and can be considered by the developers.

  • Demand for iBeacon Technology

iBeacon is a proprietary technology of Apple but can be used by Android devices also. You can use Beacons and iBeacons across your customer base. The retailers are getting huge benefits using the Beacon technology in the retail market. Many of the Apple iOS apps have launched Beacon app for the retail industry and have great success. 85% of US retailers have already deployed Beacon having a total sale of $4 Billion.

  •  Cloud Technology

With the application of new technology like Cloud computing in iPhone app development, businesses want to hire iOS developers who have deep knowledge of these concepts. App development has limits as per the user demands. Users want to access the app everywhere. The cloud-based applications allow mobile access to corporate data using iPhone. The businesses and companies can use the cloud computing feature to keep a connection with the employees and customers from a distant location. You can offer options to employees to work on travel, freelancing or from remote locations and enjoy greater employee and customer satisfaction.

  • Use of Swift Programming Language

Objective-C was used to create iOS apps since many years. Swift is an innovative programming language developed by Apple especially to create iOS apps which can co-exist with Objective-C but Swift is much better. The iOS app developers should learn Swift if they want to develop iOS apps in future. Swift will help developers to create better apps for iPhone, Mac and iPad users. Swift is faster to code and easier to test. Swift is designed to replace Objective-C for Apple apps and is more powerful and feature-rich language than Python. Hence Swift is one of the most promising trends in iOS app development in 2017.

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  • Security Features will get more attention

Now in this time, mobile business is growing at a tremendous rate. Many of the mobile users have doubts regarding the security when they are purchasing a product or service or making a business deal using mobile apps. Now is the time iPhone app developers have to add high-end security features in the iPhone apps. With more security, the app users will trust more the app and the mobile business will grow even faster.

  • Wearable and IoT Technologies

Wearable Technology is bringing revolution in the way you do many tasks. The wearable technology application can smartly help you for the betterment of your business or tasks you do daily. IoT is also evolving fast from the interference of wireless technologies, microdevices, micro-electronic system and their connection to the internet. This convergence has been very helpful and removed the barrier between operational technology and IT which allows machine-generated data to be analyzed. Hence IoT and wearable technologies are the new trends to be watched out for in iOS app development in 2017.

  • More focus on Mobile Commerce

First, there was a trend for E-commerce and now this new trend is for M-Commerce. Each of the E-commerce websites will ultimately have a mobile app as a number of mobile users has reached to all-time high and most of them use their mobile to do business transactions online. The wallet and beacons technologies are gaining more popularity as users are more likely to purchase if checkout and payment process is more simple and secure. The iPhone developers can follow this trend in iOS app development to improve the iPhone app.